Ring lost at South Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Robyn was going to play some volleyball, so, she took off her wedding band and engagement ring and tied them to her pants. After the game, she discovered the tie had come loose and the rings missing. The search was on! She, and her husband of 6 months, Alex, and others combed through the sand of the volleyball court, but, all in vain. It just so happened that a former client of mine was walking by while they were searching, and recommended that they call me for help. Alex gave me a call about 5pm, explained the situation, and we made arrangements to meet right away. I arrived about 5 :45, met everyone, and they showed me the likely search area…..mainly the volleyball court, the area around it, and also the path they took to and from their nearby beachfront rental. After several passes on my grid search of one half of the volleyball court, I was just about at the far edge of that area, when I got a nice solid 6 on my Equinox. I stuck the pinpointer into the sand, found the target, and scooped up a handful of sand. Robyn came over to see what my first target was, and she was happy to see one ring in my hand. we then looked down to see the engagement ring sticking up out of the sand. 6pm and all is well! A pleasure to meet you, I hope you had a pleasant visit here in San Diego, and thank you for the reward.


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  1. Janet pynn says:

    I love happy endings…. A real scavenger hunt our father in heaven is smiling….( he loved a great Easter egg hunt with great clues 💕

  2. Alex Holmes says:

    Mark was recommended to us after we lost two wedding rings during a game of volleyball by a lady jogging on the boardwalk. She said something along the lines of “You have to give Mark a call as he will find them within 5 minutes!” (Thank you whoever you are for the fantastic recommendation! We owe you one) At that point we had been searching for well over an hour and it was starting to get dark out. All hope was lost.

    I gave Mark a call and fortunately for us he was available and said he would be over within the hour. It was a pleasure to meeting Mark and he certainly lives up to his 51 years of detecting experience. He was kind, professional, and happy to help us out.

    Mark found the two rings what seemed like immediately! We were all so grateful and excited he was able to find the two rings so quickly. We would recommend Mark to anyone in a similar situation because losing a ring is never fun. He really saved the day! Thanks again!

    1. I love a happy ending! That was me! I go by that spot every night and keep thinking I need to check this site to see if he found your rings. Of course he did! Mark you are amazing! I’m so happy to hear you got your rings back!!!

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