Lost wedding ring in La Jolla Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Mike was playing with his dogs in his yard when, after making a sweeping motion with his hand, his wedding ring flew off. After searching the area visually, then raking and looking again, he bought a metal detector to find it. After that failed to produce the ring, he gave me a call. The search area wasn’t particularly large, but, it had lots of trees, bushes, plants, grass, etc. It wasn’t even all that junky. Just a few ferrous and non-ferrous targets to investigate, but, after an hour and a half of changing coils, gridding and regridding, still no ring. I had Mike take my test ring and re-enact his motions. I even did it myself with the same general results. The ring should be in about a 10 foot square area. I went back over that area for the umpteenth time and found the same iron remnants of an old fence post that had been blasting my ears, but, this time after hitting it at a slightly different angle, I heard and extra little non-ferrous blip with my trusty E-trac. After scrapping away some leaves and running my pin pointer over the area, I found the target that had eluded us. It turns out that it had landed right on top of the old fence post base. That’s what was masking the ring signal. All good in the end. Mike was very happy, as was I. Pleasure to meet you Mike and thank you for the reward.100_1403 100_1404

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  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Metal fence posts, etc., can be a real challenge! Good challenge for an expert like yourself. Good work.

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