Lost Keys found at Ocean Beach

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I was leaving a successful fun day detecting at Coronado and about to head home, when, I noticed a message on my phone. Johnny asked about my service in finding his keys lost in the sand at Ocean Beach. We agreed to meet in a half hour at the location. I arrived a bit early and played around a bit until Johnny got there. When he arrived, he showed me where he had been the day before when the keys were lost. There were a few people in that area but I started on an open section and proceeded toward the occupied zone. 15 minutes later, I was in an area about 10 feet in front of their blanket, and got a nice big, high signal on my E-trac. One scoop later and I had his keys in hand. Good to meet you, thank you for calling The Ring Finders, and thanks for the reward.

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