Wedding ring lost at Coronado Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Chase called me asking for help recovering his wedding ring lost in the surf at Coronado. He was out boogie boarding the day before when a wave stripped the ring off his finger in knee deep water. He saw someone on the beach with a detector and asked for help, but, the guy didn’t have a water machine, so, couldn’t help Chase. The guy (Chase didn’t get his name) recommended that Chase give me a call. Thank you, whoever you are! Low tide was just 1  1/2 hours away, so, we made arrangements to meet there ASAP. I met Chase and his wife on the beach at the location of the loss. Oh, did I mention that they had only been married a few days and that they were here on their honeymoon?! This ring just had to be found! I started a grid at ground zero and expanded out from there in all directions. After an hour and only 5 pennies to show, I started at one end of the probable search zone and headed back over the area I already searched doing a slightly different grid pattern. Another half hour into it, I got a real weak target sound in my Excalibur’s headphones on the slope in the wet sand. I figured it was just another penny but didn’t want to leave anything in doubt since I was searching in all metal. I dug down 14″ and the target was still in the hole! Using my Vibraprobe 580 pin pointer, I located the target right in the bottom and grabbed a handful of sand. Well, out popped his gold ring! It really surprised me that it had sunk that deep in less than 18 hours. A very happy couple to have that ring back in time for their flight back home today. A pleasure to meet you both, congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for the reward.

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