Puzzle Ring Returned Mass

Today I was called to my home town to help relocate a lost ring, it had been on Mikes finger since 1971. He purchased the ring while in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  It was a beautiful 6 band 18 k Yellow Gold Puzzle Ring.  He was working in the yard, doing his annual Fall raking, when at the end of the day, he noticed it was missing.  Desperate to get it back, He googled Lost Ring and my name showed up, he gave me a call in hopes that I could somehow help find it in amongst multiple bags of leaves. I got his info and left immediately,  When I arrived at Mikes place, I had him dump each bag on top of the tarp one at a time.  Still no luck, moving into the yard I gridded the yard slowly, and again no luck.  Almost ready to call it a day, I asked one last question about the trash can and did he use it. Yes he replied, that he had removed his gloves and put them on top of it.  I walked over and swung once,  and that familiar low tone rang louder than ever, there it was staring up at me.  I had Mike come look at it, and he ran and tripped up the stairs yelling for his wife to come out and have a look.  She said I had that look on my face like I found it.  Lol.   I said yes I did.  After a few pictures and lots great stories, I was invited to take a ride in his private plane, and you bet I will take him up on it.  Congratulations Mike, on that special ring.

18 K Puzzle Ring

Mike (Pilot) sporting his puzzle ring


2 Replies to “Puzzle Ring Returned Mass”

  1. Richard Browne says:

    Up, up and way… Keep on making RingFinders proud! Did you solve the puzzle before returning the ring to Mike?

  2. Michael Brennan says:

    Leighton the “Ring Finder” to the rescue! 🙂 Thanks so much for finding my ring. I was heartbroken at the thought that it might have gone to the recycle center in a bag of leaves never to be seen again. Hope was dwindling as you came to the end of your sweep of my yard and then at the very last moment you found it! Amazing! I am so happy and glad that I Googled “find my ring” and that brought me to theringfinders.com. What a wonderful surprise to discover that such a world-wide group exists. And on top of it all I made a new friend who as it turns out grew up in my hometown and graduated from the same high school some years ago 🙂 Thanks again Leighton.

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