Lost ring during Peachland snow removal, found and returned.

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Shawn was visiting his parents in Peachland B.C. for the Christmas holiday. We had a heavy snowfall the next day, so Shawn helped his parents move the snow from the backyard and the driveway. On the way home back to Vancouver driving on the mountain road, he had a panic attack when he realized he had lost his ring. The ring meant a lot to Shawn as it was his wedding ring, and his wife still lives in Thailand. When he arrived home his friend said to call The Ringfinders. I responded to his email and told him I would be there the next day. After checking the driveway, I moved out into the roadway and got a signal in the middle of the road. I scraped the snow with my boot and told his parents that I thought I saw a ring, on checking the kicked snow there was his 18k white gold wedding band. Mother was in tears and could not believe it, she immediately phoned her son with the good news. she told me I have have the most honourable job of anybody.