Lost Titanium Ring Found in Livonia Michigan

Planted !

As the holiday approached, Peter was anxious to begin his landscaping project so he could be done in time to have a nice relaxing day. Moving quickly thru the tasks he was thrilled when completed. Putting the tools away he noticed his ring was missing. Since he had been to a few stores and was working all over the yard he wondered where could it be? Seeds of doubt started to take root. Not beating around the bush, I started to grid search where Peter best remembered where he had the ring on. My MXT metal detector was quiet as it scanned over the new mulch beds, berms and the flower areas. Near 2 thick and deep-rooted plants at the edge of a tall berm, the metal detector gave me that everything’s coming up roses sound. Digging down a bit my pin pointer vibrated as I got near the metal. Feeling thru the dirt revealed a handsome titanium ring! Handing it to him I said that this form of titanium probably wouldn’t help these plants! After a few laughs, Peter was thrilled that this issue was nipped in the bud and now he can take the time to stop and smell the roses.



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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Good evening Jonathan, Mike McInroe here to ask if you could touch base with Chris Turner at theringfinders.com and see if he could make the main “Book of Smiles” photo for your last recovery changed to your ring? Looks like he used a photo from my last recovery instead of your photo….! Hope you are enjoying your summer and thanks for checking into this!

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks Mike I made the change

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