ANOTHER Lost Wedding Ring Recovered In Fort Meade, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

I’m starting to think that Union Civil War General George Meade was not fond of jewelry and his ghost may be playing a role in the amount of lost rings at the Maryland fort that is named in his honor! A few weeks ago I received a call from Dina telling me how her husband lost his wedding ring in their back yard about a year prior. They we certain it was lost back there and because of that I felt confident that I could find it. I’ll let Dina tell the rest of the story in her own words…..

A year ago my hubby lost his wedding ring of 11 years the same week that he was scheduled to ship out to South Korea for a year long Army deployment. He was jumping on our backyard trampoline with our two children when he felt the ring fly off. He had lost some weight since we were married and I had been telling him to get it resized; not that I’m saying I TOLD HIM SO or anything of the kind. The four of us searched the perimeter to no avail. We brought out the child’s metal detector that we already had but it dinged on everything on the ground.
Seven months and many rainy and frigid days later, I gave up on ever finding it and bought him a new ring for Christmas. He wasn’t entirely thrilled with it; he was still attached to the original ring because I had had it engraved inside with a surprise “inside joke” phrase between us.
This April, the year in Korea was finally coming to an end and I figured I’d call in a professional as a last ditch effort before we moved away from Fort Meade the following month. My husband scoffed at the idea of Ringfinders locating his lost band, but I called Jim Wagner. I was immediately impressed at how professional and thorough he was on the phone with his questions and comments. The day he arrived I wasn’t expecting him to find anything, but he was confident and his efforts paid off in about 15 minutes! The ring was lodged in the mud close to the trampoline. My hubby was in such disbelief that he asked me to email him a photo as proof! We are so thankful to Jim for recovering something that had such great sentimental value to us.

Dina and Jason, Fort Meade




I am glad I was successful. This one was a bit more special as I was able to return something to a family that serves and protects our freedom every day.


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great find Jim! I wonder how many people just give up the search and hope just because they could’t find it themselves? You made them believers!!!

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