Custom wedding band recoved from Dever area school grounds

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

On December 29, 2013 Ryan Law was out playing with his dogs at a school football field that was near his house. During this play session his beloved custom made white gold wedding band had gone missing. The ring is a tad large and had become even looser by the cool temperatures that afternoon. Ryan spent the rest of the afternoon searching for his ring with no success. He called me that evening and we arranged for me to come and search for his ring on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.

I arrived for my search and Ryan and I went over the events of the rings loss and he showed me the areas that he and his dogs were in that day. I began my grid search of the area closed to the gate that we came through to get into the sports field. For being the last day of the year of the year the weather was unusually warm but after just over 2 hours of searching I had not recovered Ryan’s ring. Ryan needed to go to work so I told him I would be back the following day to continue the search.

New Year’s Day morning we were receiving a rain/snow mix so my search had to wait till afternoon. I drove to the school grounds and started my search of the area that had yet to be searched. After an hour and a half or so the ring was recovered by eyeballing it on the cinder running track that surrounded the football field. I called Ryan to let him know I had the ring but he was out of town. Just as I got to my car to put my gear away the snow started to come down, good timing.

Ryan ended up coming to my house that evening to claim his ring. He and his wife were quite happy to get his ring back.


Ring recovered 1-1-2014

Ryan Law - Custom white gold ring Ryan Law - happy to get his ring back

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  1. Fitzy says:

    Way to keep at it! I was surprised by you eyeballing it but that seems to happen more than most think! Nice work….

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