Gold bracelet found for owner in Glenview, IL

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

While shoveling snow the owner lost 1/2 of his gold bracelet. This bracelet came unscrewed and fell off. His wife has the same bracelet.

The owner rented a detector but was unable to find it. I was the last resort. He had given up hope of finding it. I came out and searched in the late afternoon…nothing! I told him I would come back the next day. I took readings of the one part. They were all over the place!  Depending if the item was flat or on its side. No consistent read or sound.

I searched with all three coils and gridded the area several times. Because of the metal edging of the walkway I suggested that we use salt or water to melt the snow around the metal edging.


Took two try’s but I found it..imageimage


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to stick with it James! Happy Holidays…Chris

  2. Fitzy says:

    Not sure how that worked but I learned something! Great job!

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