Wedding Ring Found in Johnston, RI

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

On Saturday, Jason lost his diamond wedding band while doing yard work.  Family and friends helped to search the yard.  Someone even tried to find it with a metal detector, but they had no luck.  Not knowing where to turn, his wife, Toni, decided to search the internet for help.  She found my information and gave me a call on Monday.  That evening, I searched the property for a few hours, mostly in the dark, but was unable to locate the ring.  I assured Toni and Jason that I would be back early Wednesday to continue the search, expecting that it would take quite some time given the size of the property.  Five minutes into the search, I located the ring in their lawn.  Jason and Toni were delighted!

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Way to go Gary! What a great Smile you found there!

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