Lost Mens Wedding Ring Sidney B.C. Recovered and Returned

  • from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)













Back Mid January Kenneth lost this wedding ring on the side of the road. He searched several times with no success. On Tuesday April 4th Kenneth emailed me

Hello! I’m afraid it’s been a couple months since this ring was lost but we were a little more confident than we should have been when we first dropped it. Out in deep cove a (I believe) white gold Band was dropped at the side of the road. I’m a little worried it may have been carried a ways by melting snow or rain, but I’m not sure how plausible that is. Its a rarely used section, we occasionally have someone park there, not more than a couple times per month.

I’m aware of roughly a 5×5 area I think it was initially dropped, but have been told by many people that white gold isn’t easy to detect. I’m mostly wanting to know how possible this could be after some time and with the metal involved, would love to pay someone good at this to find it instead of continuing to struggle.

I made arrangements with Kenneth to search today, by 10:05 am I was on site and started to search and within an hour I was able to send Kenneth a picture of his recovered ring.

Love my Job.