Gold Bracelet recovered in Summerland CA.

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)


I got a call the week before Christmas to see if I could locate a very expensive gold bracelet that had been lost during a boutique gathering at a popular shop in Summerland. The bracelet was lost during the evening and wasn’t inventoried until the next day. Unfortunately, the grounds it was lost on are covered in loose gravel that is raked every day before the business opening. To further compound the problem, the greater Santa Barbara area had experienced 3 days of pounding rain which had caused flooding throughout the area and had turned the gravel area into a muddy gravel area.

Since this was a business with hundreds of items for sale I would rely more on my pinpointer and I began the process of moving on my hands and knees slowly dragging the pinpointer in the muddy gravel. With no discrimination, I was finding every bit of metal in the ground and gravel but I finally got a strong signal and dug down into the gravel and out of the mud came this beautiful gold bracelet with diamonds. Mission accomplished!

I was able to make the return to the store owner who then contacted the vendor to tell her of the good news that the gold bracelet was found and would be returned. If you happen to loose a ring, bracelet or other piece of jewelry do what they did and contact me, Dave MacDonald at 805-290-5009 so we can get your keepsake back where it belongs.


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