Snow Shoveling Temporally Claims Another Wedding Band in Berlin NJ, Returned by Dave Milsted

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Tiffany posted a desperate plea on the Winslow Talk Facebook page, asking if someone could help find her husband’s wedding ring. He lost it in the snow yesterday while shoveling. There were two people who referred me to help: Brian, a friend of mine, and Nicole, who has used my service in the past (a one-minute successful search Click here to read that story)
I made arrangements to look for the wedding band after work. It is a thin yellow gold wedding band. They have only been married for 3 months. After Korey lost the ring, he stopped shoveling. So there are about 8 inches of snow on the ground. She did mention that he heard something hit the house when he threw some snow off of the shovel.
That was a great piece of information. I only had to search for about 5 minutes before I uncovered the bright and shiny yellow gold ring. It was within 3 inches of the foundation for the house. Tiffany was shocked that it was found, let alone so fast.
I love my hobby!