Lost University of Pennsylvania Ring Found in Haddon Township NJ By Dave Milsted

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)









This story starts 47 years ago when a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania Nursing program loses her graduation ring in the ocean in Stone Harbor. She has never forgotten that day.

5 months ago her best friend gave her a gold necklace to melt down to make a new ring. The ring was made and worn every day since.

This week the ring was loose on her finger so she put it in her coat pocket. When she got home she shook dog hair from her coat and heard the ring hit the cement. Her yard is yellow with zoysia grass. The yellow gold ring was lost. Her husband spent 2 days on his hands and knees looking through the thick grass with no luck.

He searched the internet and found me. My wife and I went to their house the next day. They told me their story and I went to work. I searched the area that they pointed me to. No luck. I moved to the other side of the sidewalk and bingo.

10 minutes of search time. The ring is back on her finger. She will be going back to the jeweler to have it resized. My wife made a new friend. She did not want her picture taken.

I will be searching for the original!!