Lost Ring Navarre Beach - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

It would be great if every Saturday morning could start out like this one. This one actually started out yesterday with a phone call from Mary from Ohio. Mary explained that their family had been coming to Navarre for decades but this trip had started out on a sour note. That morning her son-in-law was in the gulf throwing the football back and forth when suddenly he realized that his wedding ring was no longer on his hand. To make matters worse, Jason is left handed so when he threw the ball he could have flung the ring off just about anywhere. When Mary told me everything, I explained how I could help and she said that she would call me right back after she talked to her daughter Diana. I was already planning my trip when I got a text saying that they had decided not to look for the ring. I was shocked and asked why, Mary explained that both her husband and Jason felt like there was no way it would be possible to find the ring in that huge body of water and they didn’t want to get their hopes up. I thought to myself that I knew I could find it but I hoped that my words didn’t get in the way of God’s plans for this young couple. After a long conversation, my wife laughed and said that it was different that I was the one trying to convince the other person to let me find the ring. 😊 I must have said something right though because Mary asked me to come the next morning. I drove to Navarre this morning and got there at 7am.  I got to meet everyone and quizzed Jason about the ring and explained what I was going to do. I told him that he was officially allowed to be optimistic now and he gave me a sheepish grin. I waded out about waist deep in the water and started my search. I made a couple of passes and heard the telltale sound of gold. I saw Jason and Diana and Mary all watching me expectantly as I very gently scooped up the ring. I got a huge smile and started wading that way. Diana rushed down to the water’s edge and said that she didn’t even believe it yet. When I presented the scoop and she pulled Jason’s ring out she burst into tears. I asked Jason if he was optimistic yet and he told me that I was amazing. I’d say that’s a good turn of events for the day. I love helping people like this! 😃

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