Lost Ring from the boat - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Ryan is a patient man!  He called me this morning and explained that he was out on the boat yesterday at a popular place for people to hang out and he was throwing a football back and forth. All of a sudden he caught one that slightly jammed his finger making him flick his hand back and forth. When he did he felt his brand new wedding ring of a few months go flying in the saltwater. He explained that they had looked for hours to no avail and he really needed some help. I told him that I wanted to help but I had to work today but with the storm coming this week he definitely needed to find it sooner rather than later. I told him I would have one of a few people I routinely hunt with call him soon and hopefully they could help him. At lunch Ryan reached out and said he hadn’t heard from anyone so I told him to standby while I made a call. My Father in law had accidentally left his phone and my other buddy was working so I called Ryan back. He asked about renting a detector and I explained why that just wouldn’t work. I finally felt so bad that I told him if he could wait until after work and if I could get a pass from my wife then I would do it myself. Being the patient person he is, he waited for me to finish up the workday and I’m very glad he did. Ryan has a great boat and we headed out to the area. When we got there, he had done a great job marking where it came off and I made my first pass. There was a huge drop off and as I turned back I thought to myself that I hoped it wasn’t any further or I would need a scuba tank. I didn’t need to worry though because as Ryan looked on expectantly from the beach I heard a very clean gold tone. He was already smiling as I very carefully used my scoop to pull out his ring. He said that was exactly where he thought it was and he was amazed I was able to find it. Ryan was all smiles on the way back to the dock and I’m glad I was able to help.

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  1. Ryan Bleich says:

    David is the man! I called on a Monday morning and by the afternoon we were headed to find my ring! David was very prompt, communicated well, was patient with ME (as I had to change out a belt on my boat lift that just so happened to break whilst I was lowering down into the water), and went above and beyond to help me! He was not only very professional but also friendly and genuine as well. I knew David was the real deal when he arrived with his top of the line equipment. I didn’t realize how intricate and sophisticated metal detecting gear could be but David was a pro and made it look easy. Once we arrived at the site he was very clear and detailed about what he was setting out to do. I explained the area I believed the ring to be in and he started to search. Less than ten minutes later I had my ring! I would highly recommend David to anyone who finds themselves in my situation!

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