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Lost Wedding Ring Palm Bay Florida Found

  • from Melbourne (Florida, United States)

I received a text at 1:40 AM from a very upset man Jonathan telling me he lost his white gold with diamonds wedding ring while was building a barbeque and doing cement work in his back yard. I did not see his text until Saturday morning when I got up. Before I could call him, he called me. Due to my schedule Saturday was an impossible day for me to go to his home, so we scheduled it for early Sunday morning. I have to give Jonathan kudos for canceling his lawn service until I could get there. I arrived Sunday as promised to be greeted by what a very nice distraught man seeking my help. We walked his property and he showed me where he was working. My fear was it was buried in the concrete he put down of Friday. I started detecting near where he was working with my Nox 800 and after about 15 minutes I got a few bad hits because this is a new home and they used fill that had nails in it before they put the top soil on. Then I got the gold hit and out comes this gorgeous wedding band.  I have to say the look on Jonathan’s face said it all, he just sat down and tears of joy came running down his face. I think I made a new friend today.

Never found my target, but I did find family history.

  • from Melbourne (Florida, United States)

I don’t normally post many the finds that I do for my clients, but I found this one pretty heartwarming. I received a call from Angela Sutlic on Friday April 5th and she told me that she thought her wedding band that was her late mothers fell off her finger while she was on her dock in the lagoon. Understand the area that she lives where the water is black half salt and half fresh so I had zero visibility, this was going to give a new meaning to brail diving. I met Angela that Saturday morning with my dive gear ready and I started my underwater detecting. I went through three tanks and found tons of trash, I filled two 30 galleon trash bags with all sorts of things beer & soda cans foil, screws and old boat parts. I had one last tank in my truck so I asked Angela if she wanted me to give it a final shot it was late in the day and the sun was setting. Did not matter to me because I could not see anything anyway underwater. I told her cleaned the bottom of all the trash now was the best time to try. I was doing one last grid pattern when a quarter the way through I got a very faint hit that I was just going to say was trash, but I engaged it. I had to hand fan the bottom and the signal was getting stronger and then after 10 minutes of searching and about 5 inches down in the mud I thought I found the ring. Well I was wrong when I finally felt the object it was a bracelet. I put it in my catch bag and moved on. When I surfaced after 90 minutes to call it a day. I pulled the bracelet out of my bag cleaned it up a little with water and a jewelers cloth, it looked almost like new. I apologized to Angela because I could not find her ring, but showed her what I did find and she looked at it and started crying immediately! Her grandmother who passed on April 6th 2018 had lost this bracelet 10 years before, but never knew where she lost it. While I never did find the ring I was looking for that day, last night April 16th 2019 I get a call and Angela found her mother’s wedding band at the bottom of her washer.

Sometimes we should not question, this was just meant to be and something I will not soon forget. If I can help you find your lost item please reach out to me and I will do my best to find it for you on land or in the water. Marc



TheRingFinders of Melbourne Florida he is more than just a treasure hunter he is a treasure finder!

  • from Melbourne (Florida, United States)

If you’ve lost your ring or some other metal object, give me a call or text.  I charge a small site visit fee of $35.00 for land and $ 75.00 for SCUBA, if I except the challenge and we agree on the finder’s fee and I donate 75% of the proceeds to the local animal shelter, this is me giving back to the community.  I have been metal detecting many years in the North East, I moved to Florida in 2010 to become a treasure hunter on the 1715 and 1733 fleets. (you can say that was a dream come true for me.)  

I haven’t been good about keeping my blog posts up to date. Since joining RingFinders I’ve recovered 33 items (as of Jan 20, 2019) for some very happy customers that never thought they would see their valuable items again.  Beaches are my specialty as is shallow water, yards, parks and angry spouses throwing rings, and everything in between. I will search anyplace with the owner’s permission or where legal.

My most recent find was a young girl at the Florida Institute of Technology was doing wedding photos on a wooden bridge and lost her grandmothers wedding ring someplace in the 300-foot swamp that was below. After two bags of trash and 90 minutes later we had success. Needless to say he has been a very happy customer sense.