Lost platinum wedding ring found in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


“I was absolutely crushed when my wedding ring flew off into some very thick trees, bushes, ivy and other dark undergrowth when out jogging one evening. Unfortunately, I had been unable to see exactly what direction it had flown off in so had quite a wide search area of about 10 metres square to thrash through.
After a total of six hours (across the course of the evening when the incident happened and the morning after) of searching I had given up on ever seeing it again but decided to go online – just to see if I could get any last ideas of how I might find it and stumbled across Constantine’s profile. In short – he saved my life. I contacted Constantine in the morning and by the afternoon he had come up from Oxfordshire with his equipment. It took him about an hour to find the ring – deep under some brambles. 
Worth every penny of the modest call-out fee and reward!”