Lost rings now Found in the United States/Canada/England

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Lost rings now Found in the United States/Canada/England

So far in the past month I’ve been able to help people find their rings from the United Sates, Canada and England. For people I can’t get to because they live thousands of miles away I try and help them by setting up someone from their area to search for their lost ring. If a reward is being offered the person who finds the ring will benefit.

Here is a testimonial from a man in Massachusetts, USA…

I lost my engagement ring in a park just before I was about to propose and had to propose without it. I contacted Chris to get help finding it and then realized after I had submitted the request that he was in Canada and probably couldn’t help.

To my surprise, he was incredibly friendly and helpful, however, and sent me several emails giving me advice and even directing me to people who might be able to help in my area.

He even called me and spoke to me on the phone for fifteen minutes giving me tips on how to use a metal detector and how to search for the ring.

He told me that so many times he finds things 20 or more feet away from where the person thought they lost it. I went out to look for it again and ended up finding it without the metal detector about 15 feet away from the place I thought I dropped it.

I was very grateful for the advice from Chris and it is very obvious that he is a caring individual and takes pleasure in helping people find their lost valuables.

Thanks Chris!


Massachusetts, USA