Wedding Ring Recovered From Watery Grave & Returned to Owner, Falmouth, MA

  • from Falmouth (Massachusetts, United States)

A morning call from Daniel came with the hope that I could find his wedding ring, which had slipped from his finger into the surf the previous evening.  I met him at the beach a half hour after his call and he explained that he felt the ring fall off in chest deep water, near low tide.  He had made good visual notes as to where he stood with respect to landmarks.  He and companions had actually returned to the spot with goggles and tried to find the ring in the sandy gravel bottom, but to no avail.

The morning tide was about the same level as when the ring was dropped the previous evening, so I waded out and set a small buoy in chest-deep water where Daniel thought the ring would be.  I began my search from there and made a half-dozen swaths parallel to shore, working back and forth past the buoy.  Then bingo! that lovely ring tone…  One scoop, a good shake to wash the sand out, and I could see Daniel’s ring nestled in the gravel.  I dumped the gravel and left the ring in the scoop as I waded ashore.  Daniel walked down to the waterline, looking rather puzzled (he later said he wasn’t sure if I’d found something or was giving up!), but he was delighted when he saw his ring in the scoop.  He was just about right on with respect to the ring’s location, as I found it only 15-20 feet from the buoy.  I wish all recoveries were so easy!

Thanks Daniel, for tracking down the RingFinders and giving me the opportunity to recover your ring.  Have a great summer!




2 Replies to “Wedding Ring Recovered From Watery Grave & Returned to Owner, Falmouth, MA”

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Brian, thanks so much for helping me out! You captured it perfectly – I wasn’t sure whether you had found the ring or were aborting your search. Everyone in my family got a big kick out of the story, we all thought the ring would be gone. Funny running into you again at another beach the other day and hearing you had already found more rings!

    1. Thank you Daniel. You made it so much easier by carefully noting your position in the water at the time of the loss. Very happy to help you out, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Cape Cod vacation!

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