Lost White Gold Mens Wedding Band In Laurel Delaware Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 05/30/2022, I received a call from Tim’s wife regarding the loss of his white gold wedding band and a request for help in locating the lost ring. I responded to Tim’s home in Laurel, Delaware at which time he told me that he had been working on his dump truck and that when he was done with the work he found that his wedding band was missing from his finger. Tim said that he did have rubber gloves on his hands and that he had checked the gloves and did not find the ring. Tim believed that his ring was somewhere in the grass under his truck in the driveway. I had Tim move his truck so that I could search the area where it had been parked. After a search of the area that the truck had been parked over as well as the area around it I was unable to find his ring. Tim then dumped out a trash can that he had been using, I searched the trash and again no sign of the lost ring. Tim then said that he had been cleaning out the pool filter in the backyard and asked me to search that area that was covered in leaves. I walked over to the pool filter at which time I located the missing ring next to the pool filter and then returned it to Tim.

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