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Lost Native Silver & Gold Ring at Locarno Beach, Vancouver…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)





It was a hot summer day and I just got home from the beach when I got a call from a young lady who was very upset that she had lost he Native Carved Silver & Gold ring in the ocean. I asked her a few questions and found out that it was lost in high tide and well over my head in water.

I discussed the search and asked if I could meet her at the location so she could describe what happen and show me where she believed the ring was lost. When I got there she pointed out to the float dock and said it was near there where the ring had come off.

Now that I knew the area I checked my tide tool and it said that low tide was at 2am. I told her that I’d be back and search for her ring at night as the tide was going out. When I got there at 11am the tide was still too high. I searched the dry sand for a couple of hours and found some change and the usual amount of garbage. I went back into the water and it was still too deep??? Back to the dry sand and at 2 am still over my head. I checked my phone app for tide tool and it was set for la Jolla California not Vancouver Beaches! The low tide was at 10 am… so I went to my car and slept till 5:30 am got up and worked the tide as it was going out…I found the ring in waste deep water at around 8 am…



Great to be able to send her the picture and tell her that the ring was recovered! I did a little video about the search and unfortunately the young lady was camera shy…

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You can watch the video below…

Metal Detecting for a lost Gold Wedding Band, Spanish Banks Beach, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call this afternoon from a young man by the name of John who lost his wedding band at Spanish Banks beach. He was playing volleyball the day before and felt his ring come off his finger on the very first hit of the ball. He told me he spent 15 minutes searching the sand and finally gave up the search.

We arranged to meet at the beach after he was done at work around 5 pm, because it was a day later and at the volleyball court I told him that we could’ve been beaten to the punch as there are lots of treasure hunters out there looking for gold. One saving factor was that there was 24 volleyball courts in this area, I knew that he had a good chance to get his ring back but you have to prepare for the worst…

John told me that his wife was very understanding and he wasn’t in the doghouse for losing his ring, but it would sure be nice to find it…

We made sure we were on the right court (Court 9) John showed me the area he believed his ring was lost in and I began my search. I knew it would be a quick search if the ring was there but I wasn’t finding it in the area John thought it was lost.

After about 8 minutes of searching I gave John my ring and asked him to put it on his finger and pretend he was hitting the volleyball so I could see the direction the ring went. It went left and that told me that it had to be further left of my grid and bang! Found it…




I love seeing gold in the scoop and the smile that comes with the recovery.

After talking to John I found out that tomorrow was his 4th wedding anniversary… it was Perfect timing to get his ring back!





Happy Anniversary John!


I love my job!


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You can watch the video of the search below…