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Lost prescription glasses found in pond near Goderich, Ontario

  • from London (Ontario, Canada)

This oasis back yard holds many memorable family and friend get togethers! On one of those fine evenings, someone had lost there prescription glasses in the swimming pond. Many attempts were made in searching, but it became apparent with the steep banks, mud bottom, and depth, that these glasses would be lost forever. One year later, I was asked to jump in and take a look! Given the pond conditions, I was certain I would need scuba in order to locate the glasses…a mask and snorkle at least. To my surprise, I jumped in to set my metal detector up for an underwater search, and immediately the detector was giving me a strong signal. So of course, I went under without googles and grabbed a handful of mud and leaves to no avail. One more try and voila, I came up with glasses in hand. Without delay, I put the glasses on and asked the owner if they could describe the glasses to me…after some detailed description, laughter and amazement finally broke out lol!

While I was there, I searched and found a property stake that he’d be looking into for years!

Man loses wedding band in waters of Pike Lake, Minto, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Received an online message from Jeff R of Brampton inquiring about the ring finders services.

Jeff was swimming with his 2 Son’s at Pike Lake. He was lifting one Son up onto the floating raft and he watched his 14k white gold wedding band slip off and fall into the waters below. Jeff went into Pike Lake office to inquire if they knew anyone that could help find his wedding band. The office staff suggested to call/message me as I had helped find another lost wedding band the previous year.

I advised Jeff that I charge to go out with my scuba gear and that when I find the clients item I ask them to “Pay-it-forward” in making a charitable donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation in which I snowmobile for. Jeff accepted my terms. Unfortunately, Jeff had to work but I was very fortunate that 2 great Friends from the ring find at the same location last year Heather & Greg K were available to assist in safety spotting for my dive. Heather was also kind enough to do a “Live” Facebook feed!! They have been great Friends every since that day!!

After 5 minutes with my Minelab Excalibur 2, approximately 17′ depth in the murky waters below I had a solid wonderful tone and BINGO…there was Jeff’s ring. He had given me the identifying marks and happy to confirm it was his!!

Here’s a link TO THE VIDEO;

I finally met up with Jeff this past week with his lovely wife a brand new baby Girl. Very happy to assist in returning his beloved blessed wedding band. Jeff mentioned his hand felt naked without it and was very happy to have his wedding band back on his finger.

Pleasure to meet this lovely young Family and honoured to help return Jeff’s wedding band!!


In the James River for over a year

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

9/24/16 Recovered: Engagement and Wedding rings set, lost last year in the James River.
SCUBA, 8’ to 10’ deep, 1:31 minutes, Garrett ATpro w/Gray Ghosts


Equipment & river access.

In August, I got an email from Lindsay after she saw my listing in the Ring Finder’s directory. She lost the rings last year when a friend accidentally pulled them off her fingers. She had another detectorist do a search that summer, but he could not complete the recovery.


The access to the river is on private property. With all the variables of work, family, and the schedules of the owners, it was difficult to schedule a day. We finally got to the river on a beautiful Saturday morning. My wife who is a certified divemaster, acted as my safety diver. Lindsay’s husband Brett, met us in a nearby town and we followed him to the property. A pleasant gentleman who is one of the landowners met us at the river.

Brett paddled out from the small dock to where he thought the rings dropped. He gave me every detail he could remember and placed me within 15 feet of where I found the rings. Brett’s memory and ability to find the location was invaluable. Lindsay was tenacious and never gave up hope. I am so glad I could help them recover the rings.

I have been metal detecting above and below the water for many years. This is my first recovery through Ring Finders. Thank you to Chris Turner for creating the directory and getting us together!




The rings after more than a year in the silt.


Here are some photos Lindsay just shared. She also added a comment at the end of this post. I love this hobby:)

Rings after a cleaning.

Rings after a cleaning.