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Lost prescription glasses found in pond near Goderich, Ontario

  • from London (Ontario, Canada)

This oasis back yard holds many memorable family and friend get togethers! On one of those fine evenings, someone had lost there prescription glasses in the swimming pond. Many attempts were made in searching, but it became apparent with the steep banks, mud bottom, and depth, that these glasses would be lost forever. One year later, I was asked to jump in and take a look! Given the pond conditions, I was certain I would need scuba in order to locate the glasses…a mask and snorkle at least. To my surprise, I jumped in to set my metal detector up for an underwater search, and immediately the detector was giving me a strong signal. So of course, I went under without googles and grabbed a handful of mud and leaves to no avail. One more try and voila, I came up with glasses in hand. Without delay, I put the glasses on and asked the owner if they could describe the glasses to me…after some detailed description, laughter and amazement finally broke out lol!

While I was there, I searched and found a property stake that he’d be looking into for years!