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Calgary Sun Newspaper Story on the Rocky Mountains Lost Gold wedding Rings

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The Calgary Sun Newspaper did a story on this search in the Rocky Mountains for 5 lost gold rings.

It’s called… “The Best Boyfriend Ever”

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The Rocky Mountains Lost Gold Rings/The Things We Do For Love!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Rocky Mountains Lost Gold Rings...Found

The Rocky Mountains Lost Gold Rings...Found

The Rocky Mountains Lost Gold Rings...Found

The Things We Do For Love

Hi its Chris Turner here, I just got back from the Rocky Mountains near Lake Louise (20 hour drive there and back) where I met with Wayne who came all the way from Australia (13,204KM) for one day to show me the area his lady friend lost her 5 gold wedding rings by the side of the highway over 14 months ago.

Wayne felt horrible and responsible because he had invited her to come with him to Calgary to help get her mind off things and to see the Rocky Mountains.

His friend took off her rings and put them on her lap to moisturize her hands. Wayne saw a nice photo opportunity and pulled off to the side of the road. While Wayne was taking some pictures of the mountains she jumped out of the car and there went the rings, into the snow.

The thing was she didn’t realize that she’d lost her rings until they got to the airport that night. The rings meant a lot to the lady as they were all from her late husband… Diamond Engagement Ring, Wedding Band, Anniversary Rings…

He felt so bad for his friend that he flew back last Oct. and from the pictures he took in February 2009 he was able to find two of the five rings that were lost. How amazing is that!

He told me that he was on his hands and knees for a day and a half searching for the rings. He was about to give up when he looked down and saw one of her rings…Not far from that ring he found another ring.

He was running out of time so he marked the area where he found the two rings with sticks and rocks, then he used his GPS to tag the area so that he could come back one day and search for the remaining three rings…

When he got back home and gave the two rings to his friend Tia he could see how much it meant to her! Five months later and still hunting him was the fact that there was still three rings out there, he started to search the internet and found my website The Ring Finders.

The first email from Wayne I could tell how much it meant to him to find these three rings for his friend, we set a date and met in Canmore Alberta on April 16, 2010

After meeting Wayne and hearing his story, this was much more then a ring search this was a love story! He knew that his friend Tia loved her husband very much and that the rings were very dear to her, something that could never be replaced and would be passed down to her daughter one day…Hopefully!

I always say every ring has a story, when that ring is lost the story ends… What I try and do is find that ring and help continue that story! And that being said I found them all!

It took me close to one hour and you could see the stress leave his face when the rings were found. They had been there for 14 months on the side of the road and for 14 months he couldn’t stop thinking about these rings…

I found out that he loves this women very, very much and he was such an amazing man to not give up on this search! That was a good thing because they’re doing road work and within months the area the rings were lost at would have been undetectable due to the fact that they are widening the roads.

He is now heading back to Australia with the remaining three rings to surprise her. If you ever wondered what it would feel like to lose something as sentimental as a wedding ring, just think what it would feel like to lose all five rings!

I was as excited as he was knowing that his friend Tia, would be reunited with her rings, it gave me goose bumps to think of what it meant to both of them.

If this was a movie It would be called…  The Things We Do For Love!!! Starring Wayne & Tia …….

I love my job!

Lost something? Call me ASAP!

Chris Turner: 778-838-Find(3463)

You can see the Video Part 1 & 2 of this amazing story.

Rocky Mountains Lost Gold Rings Part 1

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The Rocky Mountains Ring Search April 2010 Part 1

The Things We Do For Love!

Rocky Mountains Lost Gold Rings Part 2

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The Rocky Mountains Ring Search April 2010 Part 2

The Things We Do For Love!