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Disney Earring Lost at Watch Hill Beach, Westerly RI… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Surf lessons turned ugly when an 8-year-old lost her Disney earring. Jeff was teaching his daughter how to surf on a sunny evening at Watch Hill Beach just outside the Ocean House. Unknown to Jeff, the daughter’s friend must have placed an earring on the top of the surfboard near a large piece of driftwood. By the time Jeff grabbed the board, it was already too late. The child’s earring was lost in the sand. Losing a Disney earring can quickly suck the fun out of any activity. I know this because this is the second time I have found a lost Mickey Mouse earring from “The Happiest Place On Earth,” and the owners are always heartbroken when the loss happens.

Jeff approached me the lost earring story as I was finishing up an engagement ring search. Luckily Jeff had the other earring, so I was able to run a test and identify the metal detector tone of the lost earring. Once I was familiar with the sound, I started to search. The pressure was on as the 8-year-old children watched my every move. Searching around a large piece of driftwood where the surfers hang out, I held the lost Disney earring within the first couple of minutes of searching. The group of onlookers was in shock. They felt the likelihood of finding such a small lost item in the sand was low, which made the surprise so special.

“An 8-year-old placed an earring on my surfboard without telling me, and I moved my surfboard. Fortunately, Keith was in the area and volunteered his services to help the child that lost the earring. The greatest joy when it was found was by me since I am the one that dragged my daughter’s friend to the beach, and I felt responsible for the lost earring. We had given up when Keith came by and tracked it down in about 5 minutes. A happy ending to a stressful surf session” – Jeff

How to Find a Lost Earring in the Sand

Lost jewelry in the sand? Leave the area undisturbed and contact a professional detectorist to discuss the next steps. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you have a lost pendant or something of value, contact Keith Wille now uncoverthings@yahoo.com | Call or text 860-917-8947 | www.metaldetectionkeithwille.com

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