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Four Diamond Rings Lost in the Dirt at a Horse Stable in Gardena, CA…Found by a Ring Finder with a High End Metal Detector

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I was at home Friday night when I received a text from Kevin. He said that he had lost 4 rings that were very important to him, and wanted to know if I would be able help him. I sent a text back, and asked if he would call me so I could ask him about the loss, which he did as soon as he received the text. When he called I proceeded to ask my litany of questions to figure the best possible way to do the search, and evaluate what equipment I should bring in order to do an efficient search while there. We arranged to meet early the next morning.

We met at the stables at 7 AM in order to search before there were too many people around moving their horses, and complicating the search even more. It was a good choice, because there were few people, and no one in the area I was going to search. Kevin showed me what he had done, and where he had gone during his time at the stables the day before. He had fed 3 horses with heavy bags of feed, and gone into the 3 different stalls. He showed me where he had previously searched when he knew the rings were lost. I began by searching the feed bins, no rings. I then searched each of the stalls with the thick and soft fill used to line each stall, no rings. I then searched the tack shed where there was a good amount of hay for the rings to hide in, no rings. That left the road that Kevin had walked on to go to his horse trailer to search. The road was dirt, but very powdery, and about 4 inches thick, a perfect place for the rings to hide. So I began the search on the road, there was a lot of metal, but because of the quality of my detector, I was able disregard iron, and deep targets, and only concentrated on those signals that had the right tone and VDI reading. I searched about 40 feet finding similar sounding metals to gold (like aluminum). I kept the search going, and then when I got a good signal, I put the pin pointer in and found the first ring. I picked it up and handed it to Kevin. I swung the coil again, pin pointer in, and had the second ring, and the third, and then the fourth. When I handed Kevin the last ring he became very emotional explaining that those rings were his late mother’s, that as her only child, he would wear them on a chain around his neck to keep her memory close, and to lose them was just unthinkable. He gave me a great big hug, and I hugged him back knowing what comfort he had received by getting these rings back, he not knowing if they would ever be found. What a really great day!


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