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Lost Ring Pine Grove Niantic CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

“This ring is extra meaningful, not only because it represents my achievement of graduating from college, and not only because it connects me to an earlier generation of Vassar women, and not only because it was given to me by one of my favorite professors, but also because it is something I will cherish forever, a piece that will remind me of how much I loved my school. Although I did not have the graduation and end of senior year I had hoped for, I’m so happy to always carry a little piece of Vassar with me!” – Emma.

A lost college ring brought me to one of Connecticut’s earliest coastal communities, Pine Grove in Niantic, CT. I approached the small riverside beach, not knowing what to expect as far as search conditions. The circumstance was unusual for me because I typically hear the job’s fine details before arriving. Only briefly discussing the lost ring over the phone, I realized the location was only 20-minutes away, and I could squeeze the search between the other things I had scheduled for the day – there was no time to get the details if I was going to make this search happen. Emma stored her ring in the side pocket of her chair for safekeeping. Later, she dug into the pocket and must have unknowingly pulled out the college ring while retrieving the other items. I had my starting point investigating the area and seeing the telltale dig marks in the sand next to the chair. By calling me right away, before moving the chair and before excavating half the sand on the small beach, Emma set the conditions up for a quick recovery. I understood the ring’s rarity when I saw the vintage gold glimmer in the sand.

“THANK YOU, Keith, for reuniting me with my one-of-a-kind memento! It is so special to me, and I am so happy that I can proudly wear it for years and years to come.” – Emma

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