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Lost Keys recovered in Snow

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Brandon, he had found me on The Ring Finders website ( He asked if I could find keys in the snow,to which I answered “I sure can!”.

It turns out Brandon was calling me From Red Deer Alberta a 250 km round trip from my my home in Airdrie. He had lost his Keys a week ago while shoveling his walks I’m front of the house and on the property and back drive plus he did the neighbors walks for them. The snow was piled up 3 ft high on each side of the sidewalks. When I arrived he pointed the area out to me and I decided to start in front along the public side walk. I tested my keys and was getting a Visual display ID of 75, so I figured his keys would likely be between 70 & 80. After completing the scan of the front of his yard I proceeded on to do the neighbors front yard and within 4 feet I got a clear but faint 75, I dug threw the snow and at about 1-1/2 feet up popped Brandon’s keys, he was thrilled!

He told me that it would have cost him over $350.00 to replace them not to mention the time and effort to do that. Brandon appreciated me coming out to find them for him as he thought he may never see them again. Once again The ring Finders to the rescue!

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Red Deer, Lost Ring Recovered by Airdrie Ring Finder

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I got a Lost Ring call out from a young lady in Red Deer, Alberta, approximately 70 kilometers north of my home in Airdrie,  it’s about a 1 hour drive.  She had lost her White Gold and Diamond graduation ring in the snow at Red Deer College.  She knew approximately where it might be and was crushed by it’s loss as it held a lot of sentimental value.

After setting up my grid search it took 10 minutes for me to locate her ring for her, She was ecstatic as you can see from the photo.
One more example of why not to give up on that lost ring even if it’s in the snow.   The Ring Finders can recover that ring for you just call us as soon as you can.
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