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Lost Wedding Ring Canyon Lake, Texas (Recovered) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Wedding Ring in Canyon Lake, Canyon Lake Texas (Recovered)


I received a lost ring referral from Don Wilson “The Ring Finders” in Dallas, Texas. The referral was for an underwater ring recovery in 9-12′ of water in Canyon Lake. Don’s email provided contact information from Dallas resident Adrian.

I contacted Adrian the following day and he advised while visiting Canyon Lake on the 4th of July he lost his wedding ring. Adrian said while swimming with his fiancé his ring had slip off his finger. Adrian was able to provide very descriptive information on where on how he had lost his ring.

Adrian and I agreed to meet in Canyon Lake on Monday 07/20/2015 to search for his missing ring. Not knowing the amount of time or work that might be involved in this recovery, I called Greg Delong “The Ring Finders” Austin, Texas and  asked for his help on this search.

Greg agreed to help and plans were finalized for everyone to meet Monday morning at Canyon Lake. Greg and I arrived first and we conducted a quick assessment of the site. The water was calm, plenty of parking, low pedestrian traffic, and the weather was very promising.

Greg and I met Adrian a short time later at the lake and we were given a first had account how the ring had been lost. Adrian was very prepared to find his ring, swimming us out to the location on the lake where he had dropped his ring.

The reported water depth of somewhere between 9-12′ deep, just a little too deep for traditional water work with a metal detector. Greg and I assembled the submersible search grid and it was floated out to the search location and submerged.

Adrian gave a thumbs up, stating that’s the spot as the platform was submerged. Adrian had done a great job at identifying the location of where he had dropped his ring, ultimately the factor in its recovery.

As I dove down to start the search for his ring, I turned on the Excalibur, set the threshold and began my search on the outer edge of the grid. (I traditional like working the outside edge first and then move inward) I was on my second swing, when I hit a solid signal, looked down through the muck and saw Adrian’s ring. I couldn’t believe it!

I worked the bottom for a few additional minutes, trying out my new OTS guardian full face mask and regulator, really top notch gear, and a must for dirty water.

The pictures and video tell the rest of the story.









































Equipment Used:

Excalibur II

OTS Guardian Face Mask

Go Pro








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