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Ring recovered in Northglenn front yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Joe Pfifer lost his 14 karat white gold wedding band while doing yard work. Something as simple and mundane as removing dried up leaves from the shrubbery in front of their home on a cool spring morning had caused Joes ring to slip from his finger.

Joe had tried searching for the ring visually and even researched on-line on how to search for lost rings which is how he found “Ring Finders”. And with the thought of somebody who knew what they were doing as opposed to Joe giving it a go on his own, Joe contacted me.

When I met up with Joe he explained what he was doing and the location of his efforts to clean up the yard. Within a few short minutes I had recovered Joe’s ring from under the tree bark mulch that was hiding it from sight. This search area was being hindered by metal edging, but when you know your machine interference from such can be minimized.

Ring recovered on March 25, 2011.

Joe Pfifer and his ring

Joe happy to be holding his ring once again


Joes 14 kt white gold ring