Lost Cellphone in Silverwood Lake, Hesperian, CA. .. Recovered from 12 feet of Water.

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*** Javier’s wife Yuri had been jet skiing at Silverwood Lake, CA. When they tied up at the dock Yuri had set her phone on the a dock. Her sister didn’t see the phone and accidentally kick the celphone in the water.

Javier called me , asking for help to retrieve the phone that had irreplaceable photos and other important information on it. He had tried a few dives attempting to get the phone. When I asked him how deep he believed the loss occurred, he estimated it was between 9ft. and 15ft. It was going to be 125 mile drive so I wanted to be as prepared for that type dive recovery. Sometimes these lakes do not allow scuba diving. I decided to take a chance that I would be able to use my new portable surface air supply set up, Nemo Blu 3. It weighs 7 lbs. and will not attract as much attention as full scuba gear. 

My only concern was the Nemo surface air supply only has a 10ft. hose which limits the depth I can search. We approached the docks mid-day when there was little boating activity. I put dive warning flags in the zone while Javier stood watch at the dive site.

On the first dive I located a signal with my underwater Pulse Dive handheld metal detector. It was Yuri’s celphone. The water must have been more than 10ft. deep. As I reached to grab the phone I could feel the hose tugging on the float at the surface. We were lucky that it wasn’t any deeper.

Everybody was happy that we were able to get the phone, especially me. I wasn’t looking forward to spending the whole afternoon or another 125 mile drive for a longer search.

I’ve recently lost my celphone and was very happy that I have everything on it backed up in the iCloud. After purchasing a new phone it was completely restored within 2 hours. Well worth a couple dollars a month.

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