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Lost Gold Ring While Gardening in Burbank, City of Los Angeles, CA. .. Recovered by Metal Detector Man

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*** Jack called me to help him eliminate a few places where he thought his gold wedding ring might be in his yard.. This ring has been on his finger for 37 years and means a lot to he and his wife. Because he hadn’t felt the ring come off and didn’t discover it missing till the day after doing his gardening, he felt it was going to be impossible to find. 

When he called me, I was able to set up a search of his yard that same morning. We met at his home which had just had a new front turf lawn installed with new planters where he just planted flowers. A grid search of the lawn and planters showed no sign of the ring. 

Then Jack remembered that he had taken mulch to add to a dozen large potted plants in the backyard. The large pots required using a hand held pinpointer detector to search the surface mulch soil. Nearing the last of 12 pots, I got a metal signal. I asked Jack to run his fingers in the soft soil because I couldn’t reach that spot. BOOM ! Jack yelled with excitement that he had the ring. It was crazy because we both knew we were running out of places to search.. It was a awesome recovery, surprising both of us. This never gets old, love making smiles and saving irreplaceable sentimental keepsakes. 

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Gold Ring Lost and Found in Buena Park, CA. Back Yard by Metal Detector Man

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*** Tom returned home from a camping trip. He took his camping gear into the back yard to clean it up before storing it in the garage. Two hours later, after going inside the house he realized his gold ring was no longer on his finger. He rented a metal detector from a tool supply business and was unable to find the ring. After doing some research on line about using a metal detector he found TheRingFinders directory. He called me.

I was able to meet Tom at his home a couple hours later. He showed me a small grass area and planters that the ring may be hiding. When I asked him about the last time he remembered seeing the ring on his hand, he couldn’t quite remember.

I only knew it was a yellow gold ring and that he had been shaking out the tent and some sleeping bags, hanging them on a cloth line type cable. First I did the planters as he assumed the ring may have traveled some distance. I also wanted to use a leaf blower to knock the ring out of the shrubbery ( that has been successful on a couple of my past searches )

Tom works from and had to leave me in the yard while taking a call. Before resorting to use the leaf blower I wanted to scan the grass area. BOOM ! Gold Ring in the grass directly under the clothesline where he had hung the sleeping bags. The grass wasn’t sparse and if I starred long enough at the spot where I got the signal, I could easily see it. Sometimes, time of day when the sun is just in the right position it will help to  make a visual search a success.

I left the ring right there where it was hiding. When Tom came outside I was able to guide him to his ring. He was amazed, because he had sent a lot of time with a rental metal detector and physically crawling on his hands and knees in that very spot.~ He was very happy and relieved that he had his ring back where it belongs.

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Wedding Ring Dropped in Sand at Crystal Cove State Beach, CA. .. Found by Metal Detector Man

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*** Corliss called just after her husband, Jasper dropped his gold wedding ring in the sand. They had spent the day at Crystal Cove State Beach. Just before packing up to leave, Jasper went to brush sand off his swim suit when his ring flew into the sand. They realized it was going to be a miracle if they could locate it by using their hands. 

While Jasper struggled dragging his fingers trough the sand, Corliss got on her mobile device goggle searching metal detector. She found me on TheRingFinders site. I was able to convince them to stay at the location so I could meet them there in 30 or 40 minutes. 

I arrived and walked about 4 blocks to the location. Within a very short time the ring was found using my metal detector. “ The right tool for the job”.. They were very happy to have the ring recovered and they could get off the beach to an event that evening. 

It was less than a five mile drive and I have a state parks annual parking pass which made it easy for me to be on the beach on time. The search was easy with the proper equipment and a little experience.

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Engagement Ring Lost in House Found in Trash by Metal Detector Man

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*** Chloe lost her gold diamond engagement ring in her house. She called me for help.  Usually I, recommend that she not throw any trash away before checking it and check the house for a couple days before I do a house search. She was very upset and when she told me details of the loss, I had to go right away to do the house search in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Chloe had taken her two ring wedding set off before taking a shower. She set them both on top of a wrapped present that was on a chest of drawers in the bedroom. She took a shower in the bathroom that is right next to the bedroom. ( 5ft. away) After returning to the bedroom, she went to put her rings on but the gold diamond engagement ring was missing.

Curiosity got my attention, she said it happened yesterday and she had not left the house. I had to take this search on. I drove to her home in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. 

After arriving at Chloe’s home, we went to the room where the ring went missing. I now had a first hand view of where this loss happened. There was absolutely no place near where she set the rings to search. She said she had already checked the trash. 

I was completely puzzled, I thought there might be a crevice or drawer that the engagement ring could have been knocked off ending up inside. I always like to have a place that I can use my endoscope camera for searching. Nothing, like that ! We moved the chest of drawers away from the wall, no place for the ring to hide. 

While I was on my hands and knees on the floor, I decided to double check the small trash bin using my hand held pinpointer detector. ( this is the same trash bin Chloe had checked).. There were only a few tissues and the wrapper for the present she had opened. BOOM!! The ring was inside one of the first pieces of paper tissues. Chloe was beyond overjoyed and a little embarrassed that she had missed finding her ring when she searched it.. After many searches, I believe that a lot of rings end up in the trash and they don’t get found. 

If you loose something in the house, it’s not going to leave the house unless you throw it in the trash or it gets sucked up into the vacuum and hauled off to the local land fill .

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