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Lost Diamond Earring Found Inside House, Grosse Ile Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

A Diamond & the Ruff….

… a call from Vinnie that said his wife lost one of her diamond earrings and felt it was somewhere in the house. Sometime around 2am their dog was fussing about something so Claire got up and first went into the bathroom then headed in the dark to let the dog out into the backyard. Claire laid down on the couch for a few minutes and the dog finally returned. Returning to bed all was well until awakening and realizing the earring was missing. After chatting a bit to get more details, I did a walkthrough of the route that was taken to let the dog out. Visually not seeing anything, I started to scan the couch area with my orange Garrett carrot pin-pointer metal detector. Between 2 cushions I got a signal. Separating the cushions, I saw the earring stuck between them! Yelling to Claire that I found one of her best friends she came running over to reunite! Even though diamonds are formed under great pressure, when my Orange Garrett “karat” is under pressure, it makes finds that are a cut above the rest!


Lost Titaninum Ring In The Grass Found In Detroit Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Dark Metal Lovers!

The pictured couple were out walking the dog and listening to some music this evening when the dog spotted a squirrel and decided to bolt off and as the leash quickly slipped thru the man’s hand his ring slipped off. Not being sure of the area in question as there was a small pond and some of the area was covered in 4 to 5 inch deep pickers, easy for the dog to go thru but the couple was not able to search. When I arrived the evening was upon us as most of the orangey sunset sky was gone. Setting up my MXT and activating the backlight feature made it nice for a night search.
I decided to start with the picker area first as there seemed to be a bumper crop of the Michigan State Bird the Mosquito upon us making Dracula seem harmless!
I got a few below surface junk signals then a small signal came thru that read 3″ deep when I pressed the coil down and scanned it across the pickers.
I put the pin-pointer into the area and got a vibe, reached down thru with my gloves on and the light on the pin-pointer revealed this beautiful Dark Metal Titanium Ring! I signaled for them to come over and as we all looked down at the ring I said… dark metal, dudes!
We all laughed and went back into the house to get some more pics.
Not sure what they were listening to during their walk, but will finding their dark metal ring turn them into dark metal music lovers?
Hmmm…Only time will tell.