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Lost Sterling Silver Pendant and Chain Found In The Snow In Clio Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Petals In The Snow……

…..What? Could this be a sign of an early spring just as Punxsutawney Phil has predicted?

Got a call from Tammy last night she said that her thin silver chain broke loose when she was carrying groceries into her house back when heavy snow fell down upon s/e Michigan a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t until bedtime she noticed it missing. Searching the next day in the heavy snow revealed nothing and the parking area had been plowed. Upon arrival today most of the snow had melted leaving the parking area clear of snow. I noticed a mound of plowed snow so I used my garrett at gold metal detector to start scanning the around the mound. Nothing signaled on the first scan so we shoveled a bit deeper into the mound. Scanning again I got a faint signal. Scraping away into the snow revealed this really pretty sterling silver Lotus flower pendant and chain shining back at me! Tammy was beyond belief but super happy that it was in the snow mound. So even tho the groundhog saw his shadow, the Lotus petals in the snow are proof enough for me that spring is on the way!