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Lost Gold Ring Found in Saline Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Burnin’ Daylight……

… Thursday evening approached, Tom and his wife were hurrying to finish up raking and bagging leaves but somewhere in the yard his ring came off. Even though they were productive in getting their yardwork done, putting in a good effort to search for the ring brought no luck. With Tom leaving on a business trip today they didn’t want to keep wasting time looking around. We agreed to meet this morning until he had to go, which left us about an hour to search. Starting with the bags I scanned them all with my MXT metal detector to no avail. Next, I went to the back yard area where he thought the ring fell off. Nothing was detected so I started to search a larger area which still produced no results. Scanning the grass on the side of the house while walking to the front yard still brought no luck. At this point, Tom had to leave and told me to keep searching. Searching the grass area where he mentioned they were not raking I got a huge signal on the metal detector. Using my handheld pin-pointer I scanned thru the thick grass and there was his ring! I ran up to knock on the door and waved for his wife to come out to where his ring was, and we both wondered how it got there! With smiles on our faces, we both agreed that Tom’s next few text messages would be quite illuminating!