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Lost Gold Ring Found in the Snow in Ferndale Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)


…He pushed it real good and after the car was rockin’ a bit, it finally was unstuck from the snowbank. After Peter climbed back in and shook off the snow he and the wife continued with their errands. Upon arriving home with a sore shoulder, he settled in for the evening and enjoyed a warm meal. Shortly into that meal he noticed his wedding ring missing. Learning that they went to their storage unit during the snowstorm in Detroit area, I told him to chill out, if you catch my drift and I’d be out shortly. After checking their storage unit and where he carried in the groceries with no luck, the only spot left was where the car got stuck. Noticing that a plow had beat me to the location I used my MXT metal detector to search a few hundred feet along the gutter then I searched the curb strip area between the sidewalk and curb.¬† A few feet in I got a great signal and a meter reading that made sense with his ring type and size. Pinpointing down a few inches and brushing the show and ice chunks aside revealed his thick gold wedding band! I pointed down to the ring and he said, what!? I said this is snow joke man it’s your ring! After picking it from the snow we both agreed that it was a thaw-some recovery as he started to sing fr-eeze a jolly good fellow!




Lost Gold with Diamonds Wedding Ring Set in House Found with Dowsing Rod in Ferndale Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Apron Strings And Diamond Rings!

This lovely housewife misplaced her soldered gold w/diamonds wedding ring set back in January 2018. Off and on she had taken them off during various chores but was always able to find them. With a busy lifestyle, school, 2 cats and a dog, time had gone by and she was unable to locate the ring. Moments in time as to where she was where it was lost became blended and when I talked with her a few days ago she basically said it could be anywhere in the house. Since I had a couple days before we were to search, I had time to photo dowse the location. We made arrangements to search today and when I got on site we checked various places where the pets may have thought it was a toy and flung it somewhere. Since metal detectors don’t work very well in houses I turned to dowsing to help me solve the situation. I didn’t know there were 3 levels to the house. After a few visual checks on each floor and nothing turned up I got to a spot on each floor where I could sweep the dowsing rod 360 degrees. Starting on the upper floor I got a lock in a slightly off line direction from where I had photo dowsed. She told me the box the rod pointed to had a gold class ring in it. For a moment I had thought that it was what I picked up on in the photo, so moving to the main floor I repeated the procedure and the rod locked from 2 directions about 15 feet away towards the fridge. So we moved the fridge and no ring. I moved over in another direction and repeated my dowsing procedure and got another lock to the left of the fridge, this was the pantry area. So she started to shuffle thru items and as she reached into an apron pocket she shouted I found it! Quite happy she was that her wedding ring set was found but had not remembered putting it into the apron while doing some baking! Just in time tho to enjoy the Easter holiday and show off the ring to family who could not make it to their wedding!