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Princess Cut Diamond Pendant Lost in a Park in El Segundo, CA…Found.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)


I happened to be out metal detecting when I received a call from Lynn. She told me how she had been playing a Wiffle Ball game with friends, and somehow the chain holding her princess cut diamond pendant broke, and she lost them both. She and her friends searched the deep thatched grass into the night, and were able to find the chain, but unable to find the pendant. They came back the next day to look some more, yet with no results. When I arrived, they showed me the area the chain had been found, and I could see that they had stripped the lawn in that area to the soil in about a 3 foot circle, rightfully thinking the pendant should be in the same area. That is where I began my search, but only found chopped up aluminum cans, and one dime, and one quarter. I asked more questions, and decided to search all of the area she had been when she knew she had the pendant on. Then an hour later, about 15 to 20 feet from the bare circle, I got the sweet tone of gold in my headphones. I was able to reunite Lynn with her lost pendant. From the emotion she showed when she saw her pendant, I could tell how much it meant to her to have it back. It was a very happy day today. It was great to see Lynn smiling, and to see her friends celebrating with her. Lynn was referred to me by James Borgen (fellow Ring Finder).

Lynn sent me the following email to include here.

Hi Steve,

I wanted to say THANK YOU once again for helping me to find my pendant. After having spent over four hours myself (plus an additional 14 hours – if you count everyone who helped me to look), I had given up hope. I was beating myself up – how could I be so silly as to wear such a valuable piece to a Wiffle Ball game.. Why didn’t I have a better chain… I am sure you have heard many similar regrets in your line of work.

A friend of mine recommended the Ring Finders site and James Borgen, who I happened to call 1st from the list, recommended you! You had a calming and confident approach and I found myself believing that you just might pull it off. As I am sure you could tell by my reaction – I was overjoyed to have this future heirloom recovered. But more amazing still was your reaction. I could see your genuine joy in helping me find it. I would bet your dedication and enthusiasm is key to your success, evidenced by the number of stories and smiling faces I see in your blog.

God Bless you and thank you ever so much!


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