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Lost White Gold Ring Found in Bloomfield Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Don’t Sweat the FALL Stuff….

…As the last of the leaves have fallen and autumn’s still callin’, there was a few more tasks Jay was eager to complete before the holidays approached. After splitting a few logs, he was left with untangling the Christmas lights and installing them throughout the yard. With darkness closing in he quickly threaded the wires through the bushes. Stepping back to take in a wider view, he turned them on and admired his work. Back inside the house he noticed his ring was missing. Terribly concerned, he spent a restless night wondering where it was. I arrived the next day, chatted with his wife and got the details of where to look for the ring while he was at work. Using my MXT metal detector I did a quick grid search around the perimeter in the grass with no luck. Scanning in closer to the bushes I got some random pieces of aluminum. Continuing along the sidewalk leading to the house I got a solid signal in the middle of two bushes. Using my pin-pointer I got a signal and reaching down the wire I pulled it from under some leaves and saw his ring over one of the Christmas lights! I was thrilled and ran to the door. When his wife opened the door, I held up the ring and as she saw it in my hand, she smiled saying how excited and relieved she was that it was found and the overwhelming thoughts of where it was had been solved. I said let’s “fall” it a day and assured her that there’s always someone and a way to solve a problem……then she said…. and today it was theringfinders!