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Beautiful, sentimental silver ring recovered and returned in Willow Grove, PA

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

Madison found me through the online directory and contacted me on June 10, 2020. She conveyed to me that her young son was playing with her beautiful, David Yurman, silver ring after she had left it on the back patio table. He had it on his finger and was running around her small backyard in Willow Grove, PA when all of a sudden she noticed it was no longer on his little finger. After spending hours on her hands and knees looking for it she decided to contact me for help. I arrived at her house on the afternoon of June 12th and, as always, I asked her to go through exactly what happened step-by-step with a re-enactment of actions leading to the lost ring. I also always do a quick demonstration of how my metal detector works so she could feel confident that if the ring is there I will find it. I turned my machine on and started sweeping where she thought it most likely fell and less then 60 seconds later I got a perfect silver ring tone in my headphones. I bent over and pushed the grass aside and there was her beautiful ring! Besides being extremely happy to see her ring again she was amazed because she was 100% sure she had searched that area on her hands and knees. I was very happy to be able to recover and return such a beautiful ring to its rightful owner!