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Lost Ring Jamaica Beach Galveston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Lost Ring in Jamaica Beach Waterway  Galveston, Texas (Recovered)

This is an excerpt from one of the correspondences from Kelly regarding the lost ring:

To recap…. The ring is a family heirloom passed down several generations and my eldest son (Ryan) was wearing it for his Rehearsal Dinner Thursday evening, prior to his Friday wedding.  It is a gold Knights of Columbus ring.

We were winding up a late-night Canal Cruise when the boys decided to engage in a bit of horse-play – toppling Ryan overboard.  The ring came off his hand immediately upon entry to the water.

Thank you so much for offering us some hope in what we felt was a despairing situation.


After having received some very specific information and photographs from Kelly, I knew we would need some form of underwater grid to conduct an effective search. Knowing what the water visibility is like in most of the coastal canals, (zero visibility} some form of a reference is a necessity to stay on course underwater.

I am going to limit the text version of this story, as most of it was recorded an discussed on the videos attached to this post.

A few things not mentioned in the video was the water temperature was 72 degree and a after and hour and a half, I was pretty much at the end of my rope. You know when the cold is getting the better of you, light headedness and nausea seems to be the message .

We moved the newly named structure (Kelly Grid) to it’s third location, and I think everyone’s hopes of a recovery had started to diminish.

I started out on my final pass with a little less the 700 psi in the tank, knowing this one would have to be a quick run as air and time was running out. After having removed several aluminum cans, nail, and other trash on the previous runs, I hit a new and unique signal on the final leg of the last run. I reached down into about 4 inches of mud, and new immediately I had found the ring.

I surfaced a few minutes later and saw Kelly standing on the bulkhead next to the entry/exit ladder. I swam over informing her I was out of air, and tried to think of a way to surprise her on the recovery, but I was just simply to tired.

I held up the ring and the rest is history.


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Equipment Used

Minelab Excalibur II


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