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3 Lost White Gold and Diamond Rings Found In Toledo Ohio

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Past, Present and Future….

……That’s what the 3 rings represent that Stephen bought for his wife. The first ring being the past as high school sweethearts, the present and future being the engagement and wedding ring, the latter placed upon her finger a year ago. An opportunity opened up last Sunday to be able to host a family gathering in an open grassy field behind their property. Everyone enjoyed themselves at this end of summer event with the typical games, food and drink along with reminiscing about the good times gone by. Later that night she noticed her rings missing. On site I started to grid search where she remembered walking. I was getting lots of iron signals on my MXT so I turned up the discriminator control to quiet things down. A few minutes went by and I got a good metal signal and checking with my hand held pinpointer revealed the sweetheart ring! I put a marker in the ground as Stephen was elated one was found. Continuing the grid pattern about 30 feet away revealed the engagement ring! Stephen raced over to scoop it up and I marked this spot as well. After that I decided to search back behind where the sweetheart ring was as this area showed more trampled grass than moving in the other direction. Roughly 15 feet from the sweetheart ring another good metal signal came thru the headphones. Probing into the grass revealed the wedding band! As Stephen lifted the ring from the grass and held all 3, he was excited to surprise her when she got home from work, and with the rings being found brought the hope of success in overcoming anything in their future.