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Lost Gold Ring Found in Wayne Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

When It Rains It Pours……

….All of us from time to time have experienced tough times, unforeseen occurrences affect everyone. Newly married couple Cassidy and Chris are no exceptions. Recently their home had a major repair done, then their car’s transmission went out and a few other things. So, to get away from it all they decided to have a picnic in the park and somehow Cassidy’s ring went missing. Chris called me asking for help and we met on a Thursday afternoon. When they got to the park he parked 200 feet from me, and they walked over. I asked why you park way down there? He said the car stalled thinking the fuel gauge wasn’t working and may be out of gas. So, he went to get a gas can and Cassidy and I went to search with the metal detector. Chris’s area of search was way smaller than what Cassidy described. It would take longer to search the wider area. As I was just getting into the search, high winds came in on us bending the tree branches followed by a torrential rain and lightning. We ran back to my vehicle to take cover and get onto solid ground. We decided to come back Saturday morning to continue. On Friday I checked in with Cassidy on the plans and she was so upset about everything she just wanted to forget about the ring and move on. I didn’t respond and Saturday I went back to the park, systematically grid searched and found her stunning ring. It’s a large ring and it was sticking up high enough beneath the grass that a lawnmower would have hit it. I sent pics to them and said I think you should come to the park! Arriving shortly, they both were overwhelmed with emotion that I came back to find her ring. With their problems put behind them I mentioned to them the importance of not giving up on their memories the ring has given them and hold onto their goals and dreams and strive to reach them because things will eventually get better.