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Lost White Gold and Diamonds Ring Found in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Tug of War…..

……So having missed the international tug of war day on Feb. 19th, Brendan and Sara’s dog Charlie decided on Father’s Day to get some practice in before the national tug of war day in August. Little does Charlie know that the tug of war day is for people…but he doesn’t care, he just wants to be included in any type of play and had been watching them go back and forth with the rope. Taking a break Sara grabbed a small tug rope and threw it out in the yard in random directions as Charlie fetched it. Back in the house she noticed her ring came off. Her and Brendan visually searched but to no avail. While Sara had to attend a work meeting, I met Brendan and started to search the yard, first the thick bushes where Sara thought it may be then the thicker grass. No luck, so I went out as far as I could and started to work inwards and after a few minutes got a good metal signal from the metal detector out near the property line roughly 35 feet from where Sara remembers being. Reaching down into the grass I pulled up her spectacular ring! Brendan came running to the location and was thrilled that it was found even tho so far away than thought. As Charlie approached with the look that Brendan and Sara were pretty evenly matched, I said Sara would probably make a great softball pitcher!