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Lost White Gold Ring Found in Grosse Pointe Shores Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Grandpa’s Diamonds….

As Mike and his wife were settling into their new home, he was anxious to begin some projects. He started various tasks outside and was multi-tasking making a good dent in the to do list. He worked slow and steady with lots of breaks to think of the next big thing to tackle. Towards evening he noticed his ring was missing. A terrible feeling came over him as it just wasn’t a plain wedding band, but one that contained 3 diamonds from his wife’s late grandfather. These diamonds were added to his ring as a surprise for Mike and presented at their wedding ceremony. Trying to solve the issue and find the ring before his wife found out he came across a toy type metal detector that was propped up in the closet of a nearby pawn shop. More frustration followed when that detector’s signal sounded like the car alarm going off, drawing the wife’s attention.¬† Now with both knowing of the loss they decided to reach out for professional help. Grid searching parts of the front yard with my MXT metal detector gave no results so out back I went. Slowly closing in on available ground the detector signaled good metal. Reaching into the grass revealed his ring! The diamonds were exquisite, with tons of fire and sparkle. I texted Mike to come out back and he was totally shocked that the ring was found! Feeling that divine intervention helped find the ring, he looked to the sky with a smile a mile wide and said thank you grandfather, I know your smiling now…. like your granddaughter will be when she gets home!