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Lost Platinum Ring Found in Dearborn Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

The Mystery of the Mobius Loop Solved!

The Mobius loop or strip as it’s called has many different properties and applications, from mathematics, machinery and recently the shape has been incorporated into jewelry to symbolize infinite and eternal love. The concept of the design is that if you were to travel once around the loop, you’d return to the starting point as a mirror image, making it nearly impossible to define if you were going clockwise or counterclockwise. Little did I know that this was the design of Usher’s ring that went missing while doing yardwork. As I started to search, I definitely felt that I was going in circles, inside some kind of forcefield.¬† For such a small search area, junk metal signals made my deeper seeking metal detector sound like a machine gun. So, I dialed up the detector’s discrimination a bit and that helped. Scanning the coil of that metal detector thru hedges and picker bushes revealed nothing. So, taking a step back away from this strange vortex I decided to metal detect from farther out and close in on the area using my MXT metal detector with my bigfoot loop, which has supreme shielding capabilities. Closing in on available landscape, I kept getting a mixed signal on the meter, close to platinum but bouncing around. Reaching thru the thick grass was this aluminum piece of junk embedded in the ground. Removing it revealed Usher’s ring squished underneath! Apparently when the ring fell off, somehow Usher stepped on it as well as a piece of aluminum that littered the area of the cleanup. He was shocked in disbelief that his ring was there as he said he looked all over that area. It was then I saw the infinity loop design and with the ring back on his finger, the platinum loop is now back in place to symbolize and encourage Usher and his wife to strive each and every day to be eternally united in love and enjoy infinite happy times together into the future. Included is a schematic of my interpretation of the loop, with directional lines of energy, and as the saying goes……….opposites attract!



Lost Keys In The Snow Found In Dearborn Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

KEYlightful Reunion!

Got a call from Kayla this morning she said hers keys fell out of her pocket while her and the children were playing in the snow at a park just before dark yesterday. While on her way to meet me her friends car got a flat tire at her house so I said I’ll start the search without her. I turned on my MXT metal detector and searched where she fell on a small hill masked by snow. Nothing there. I started to search their tracks and on one branch of their trail I got a good solid signal. Brushing the snow aside revealed her keys not too far from some playground equipment. Sending a quick pic of them we decided to meet at her house to drop off the keys. Happy that her luck had turned positive with the keys found, we chatted and enjoyed some hot chocolate, and as she lifted the remote start into the air we paused to listen to a smooth start up of the car.