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Lost Diamond Ring – Dauphin Island, Alabama

A heavy thunderstorm had just blown over the island and another round was on its way. Just as the rain slacked off between storms I got a phone call from Jeremy who was visiting from Florida. It was their anniversary and he had just given his wife Jenny a beautiful new diamond wedding set. As the storm blew in, they were frantically trying to get their beach tent and belongings off the beach and under the shelter of the house. Jenny told me she remembered wiping her hands on her pants and then realizing the slightly too big diamond ring was no longer on her finger. They had combed through the sand for about an hour before finding my Ringfinders bio and giving me a call.

Luckily, I was about 6 miles away and the rain had almost stopped so I grabbed my gear and ran out the door. I got there, listened to her story and started swinging. I silently whispered a prayer to find it before it started storming again ! Within the first 15 seconds I heard that familiar “could be a pull tab; could be a gold ring” tone in my headphones. A few gentle shakes of my scoop and there was Jenny’s new ring sparkling in the bottom.

Not all jewelry recoveries are that easy and fun, but that one sure was !