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Hidden/Stray Nail Found Under Pool Liner in Southgate Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Pool of Thoughts……

….Got a call from Deb with an unusual request asking if I could find the reason her pool water was lowering faster than normal. She wanted to put the cover on but didn’t want all the water to drain out over the winter. She mentioned seeing damp spots off and on over the summer around the circumference of the pool and thought it was from the grandkids splashing around. On site I decided to dive into the cold water and metal detect the bottom, as metal detecting the sides was impossible due to the huge amount of metal. Years ago, in most cities the house construction debris was often buried in the back yard and over time some of this stuff finds its way to the surface even after excavating the ground, sand filling and leveling a new pool install. That’s exactly what I thought when I got a metal signal with the detector! Submerging down underwater with my pin pointer metal detector, feeling the object revealed it was a nail resting sideways with the head barely poking thru the liner. Resurfacing, then back underwater I took my knife and opened the hole large enough to pull out the rusty nail. Deb was in total disbelief. Using an underwater patch kit a few minutes later sealed up the hole. I finished up detecting the bottom liner portion and visually inspected the sides of the pool and with no other metal signals and the sides looking good I got out to dry off and warm up. I was hoping for one more water search this year before it got too cold and was thrilled to give this a go as unusual as it was. The nail find made a big splash with Deb, and with final thoughts I said….. If you never try, you’ll never sea!