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Lost Gold Pendant Necklace and Gold Wedding Band, Honeymoon Island, Fl….Found!!!

  • from Dunedin (Florida, United States)






Steve Thomas

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Lost a ring or other metal valuable at the beach or in a grassy or sandy area? Jewelry slip off of you while working outside, playing with the dog or swimming? Please contact me ASAP at (843) 995-4719 or @dunedinringfinder. I offer a FREE metal detecting service, reward optional but appreciated upon recovery!

My wife and I recently were in Texas for about six weeks for the birth of our second grandson. I received several messages from individuals who had lost jewelry in the water at Honeymoon Island. Because I knew I would not be returning for several more weeks, I needed to call upon some experienced, trustworthy detectorists to conduct searches for these lost items as soon as possible and before they were found by someone who would not return them.

Adriacely contacted me to say that her husband Wil had lost a gold necklace with a large gold pendant given to him by his grandfather. Mitchell messaged that he had felt his white gold wedding ring slip off of his hand while he was paddleboarding. Tampa Ring Finder Jason Connolly and Scott Carlson of Pinellas County Florida Ring Recovery agreed to search for both items. After water searches by both, Scott (who had previously found and returned another necklace I had searched for) recovered and returned Wil’s gold necklace and Jason was able to find Mitchell’s wedding ring!

Adriacely and Wil, so very happy that Scott was able to find your necklace. Mitchell, it’s nice to see that wedding band back on your finger courtesy of Jason’s recovery efforts. Scott and Jason, thank you for your outstanding work done in these difficult water recoveries. And thank you for trusting the Dunedin Ring Finder to help you find your lost jewelry!